Bengal hurricane Dyeing & Printing (Pvt.) Ltd (washing unit) is a 100% Export oriented washing factory. It was established in 2016. Our washing facilities comprise of modern machinery and are among the leaders in the garments washing industry of Bangladesh.  Our onsite lab creates quality colour, in the minimum time as per our customer requirements. We are fully compliant and maintain the most stringent control procedures to ensure that we are always performing above and beyond the rigorous standards expected by our customers.

Some features of Bengal Hurricane washing plant are:

  • Biological Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).
  • Stringent quality level in garment dyeing & washing process.
  • Highly trained work force.
  • We are experienced in knit, woven & denim garments.
  • Environment friendly workplace that assure the health and safety of employees.
  • A strong R&D team to constantly innovate and keep up to date with changing trends.
  • In house testing facilities.
  • We are using ERP software.

The washing plant has average capacity of 25000 pcs per day. A wide range of special washes are offered in the plant which, inter area, includes:

Wet process:

  • Garments normal wash.
  • Garments softener & silicon wash.
  • Garment dyeing (Reactive, Pigment & Dis-chargeable).
  • Tie Dyeing.
  • Dip Dyeing.
  • Cold pigment dyeing.
  • Enzyme wash.
  • Bleach wash.
  • Tint wash.
  • Burnout wash.
  • Acid wash.
  • Brightener wash.

Dry process:

  • Color spray.
  • Hand Scrapping.
  • Tie Effect.
  • PP- Spray.
  • 3D Crinkle.

Certification: The factory has been awarded OEKO TEX & GOTS certificate for its quality product. Also our washing unit approved from NEXT & Bestseller buyer.