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Enviournmental Management System (EMS) for AST Knitwear Limited


GHG (Ton) 2,735
Waste Generation (Kg) 1,03,296
Water Consumption (m3) 46,463
REB (Kwh) 1,94,832
Diesel (L) 5,234
Natural Gas (m3) 8,36,175

Enviournmental Management System (EMS) for Arabi Fashion Limited.


GHG (Ton) 3,683
Waste Generation (Kg) 3,15,779
Water Consumption (m3) 24,934
REB (Kwh) 84,980
Diesel (L) 42,892
Natural Gas (m3) 1,891,042


We strive to provide our buyers with quality products with an efficient service. Our range encompasses basic and fashion T-shirts, pique polo shirt, drop needle, yarn dyed stripes, interlock body fits (women and men) as well as anti peel outdoor fleece for all age groups.more

Corporate office

AST Knitwear Limited.
Arabi Fashion Limited.
Novel Hurricane Knit Garments Ltd.
Bengal Hurricane Dyeing & Printing Ltd.

122/A, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208

Phone : +88 02 8870455 ,8870456, 8870459

Fax : +88 02 8870457, 8870458